Our Maple Syrup Story

History of Maple Syrup

North American First Nations were the first to discover maple syrup, and they taught early European settlers their springtime tradition. Maple sap was originally collected in wood or bark vessels, then boiled and stored as hard sugar. Eventually, sap collection progressed to metal buckets and was then boiled in a kettle or evaporation pan.


Our Story

Maple Ridge founder and CEO Brian Bainborough and his trusty dog, Sydney.
Maple Ridge founder and CEO Brian Bainborough and his trusty dog, Sydney.

Today, Maple Ridge Farm uses a vacuum and tube system to collect sap, which increases the syrup yield significantly. Sap is only collected during March and April when night temperatures are about -5ºC and daytime temperatures reach about 5ºC.



Large stainless steel tanks store collected sap, which is then processed in a reverse osmosis machine to reduce the sap’s water content. This concentrate is boiled in a wood-fired  evaporator until the syrup reaches a temperature of 219°F. Following filtration, the still-hot maple syrup is poured into barrels or containers and sealed for consumption. To learn what our customers think of the products here at Maple Ridge Farm, check out our testimonials.


Maple Ridge farm slopes gently towards the North Shore of Manitoulin Island. Our maple trees grow out of a distinctive limestone ridge, creating a wonderful, clear flavour for our maple syrup. Our integrated wet/dry collection system enables our sap to be only in contact with food grade or stainless steel materials throughout the whole production process. The finished product is processed in a high efficiency wood-fired evaporator.


The original Maple Ridge bush has been producing syrup for over 100 years. We started developing the modern operation in 2004.  The first sugar house was built in 2007, all stainless steel and food grade tubing was installed. A second bush was added at Ice Lake in 2017.


Active in the membership of the Ontario Maple Producers’ Association, Maple Ridge founder and CEO Brian Bainborough has been Chair of Quality Assurance, and has served a term as President of the organization, and still sits on the Executive. OMSPA has appointed him their current Ontario delegate to the industry’s international organization, the North American Maple Syrup Council.


Our Sugarhouse only uses the latest in technology — from the beginning, we were committed to becoming third party organically certified; currently we are inspected by EcoCert Canada.  Come for a visit and a tour!



Photos of Our Operation

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"Maple Ridge Farm syrup is so rich and delicious. It's unlike any other syrup I've tried, and I'll never stop buying it."



"I recently tried syrup from Maple Ridge Farm for the first time, and was amazed at how much better it was than the syrup I normally buy. Highly recommended!"